About us

Pacsystem was founded in the beginning of the 90s, providing packaging for fresh produce. We still do so. A large part of our customers are growers, grower-cooperatives and packers, but also wholesalers and retailers.

This has led to us having vast knowledge not just of packaging, but also fresh produce and other food-items. To develop and propose the best packaging-solution, knowledge of both the packaging as well as content is crucial. Packaging for food is an integral part of our history and skills, and with our broad range of manufacturers we can offer most types of packaging for most types of content.

Our very wide range of packaging-solutions are produced by manufacturers from all over the world, though mainly in Europe. We offer packaging-products that are both fibre-based as well as packaging made from plastic (both conventional and based on renewable resources).

A majority of our clients’ products are customer-specific but we also offer standardised solutions. Those standardised solutions we actively aim to place in joint orders so that production and transport can be shared and optimised rendering benefits in cost. We also offer our customers help with graphical design and quality-development and quality-assurance.